Mind & Muscle Fitness - is dedicated to providing its customers with quality services to help reach a variety of goals. Whether your goals include weight loss, increase lean mass, decrease body fat, functional training, muscle tone, increased flexibility, cardiovascular health or overall health, we have an individualized program to help you reach your goals.
Semi-Private Personal Training
Do you want to fit into those jeans or dress? Small Group Personal Training is just what you need to get started and achieve results. There really is strength in numbers and our Small Group Personal Training delivers results. If you would like to workout with a spouse, partner, or friend then this the program for you. Using the power of group dynamics in a group of 2-4 people and a certified personal trainer using individualized methods in systematic program designed to deliver results for you.

 Value - Benefits of 1 on 1 at Group pricing.
 Safety - Focus on injury prevention and recovery.
 Results - Achieve what you never thought possible.
 Motivation - T.E.A.M - Together Each Achieves More.
 Time Efficient - A total body fat buring workout in 45 mins
 Specific Goals - Daily, weekly, and monthly goal-setting.
 Accountability - Monthly checkups of weight, body fat, and more.
 Dynamic Programming - Routines stay progressive, fun, and fresh.

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Indoor Fitness Boot Camps
Come Burn with... Mind & Muscle Fitness. In this complete body conditioning experience focused on muscle endurance/strength, cardio, flexibility, balance, core, and most of all FUN! Feel great, lose weight, drop inches, body fat and negative habits. Get strong and fit, in addition to accomplishing things you never thought possible. Fitness camps includes weight training, circuit training, cardio, calestetics, and fun-fun-fun. Achieve the mental and physcial results of a lifetime, no matter your age, size, and/or fitness level.

Benefits include:
 8 weeks of High intensity challenging workouts
 Sports conditioning, agility drills, and endless variety
 Improve confidence, mental, and physical fitness
 Faster results for weight-loss, muscle tone, and lowered body fat.

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Group Fitness Class  (Register)
Ready for something dynamic and different? Mind & Muscle Fitness is bringing the hottest fitness program to our area. Our Group Fitness Classes incorporates weight training and cardiovascular conditioning which gives you the best of both worlds. Your body will get stronger, conditioning will improve, and you will burn "FAT" from your waistline. We crank up you and music so we can see changes in your body like never before.

Benefits include:
 Class size is limited to 8-10 people/session
 Program designed specifically to deliver results
 No workouts will be the same - Consistent Inconsistency
 Convenient for a active lifestyle and budget
 Results, Results, and Results.

Group Class Description | Group Class Schedule
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Workshops & Seminars
Learn with... Mind & Muscle Fitness. We offer workshops and seminars to empower and educate you on how to live a long and healthy lifestyle. We focus on proven principles for success, delivered in a fun and simple format so that you can implement quickly and effectively.

 Learn the truth about fitness and nutrition.
 Gain understanding of complex ideals made simple
 Receive the tools and knowledge for proper weight management

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